Fair Use Policy (FUP)


Fair Use Policy includes that the recommended usage of your hosting to make better performance for all clients..

1.You can host your Website and the Term "Unlimited" reffers to a Standard Usage of clients (99.5% of our clients are applicable and have no issues in this policy).

2.You are not allowed to RUN File Hosting Networks which costs a huge amount of Strorage and Bandwidth is prohibited as this is not a Normal Usage site. These kind of sites needs VPS/Dedicated Servers.

3.You must not use CPU Abusive scripts such as Mining etc and Some type of Grabbers which cost more CPU and slow down the whole system.

4.Any issues above will not result in a SUSPENSION immediately as we will email you with a Warning and let you fix it within 72 hours.

5.You can upgrade to larger plans if it matches your More Intensive site. You can contact our support anytime of these type of issues.

6.In case after 72 hours of WARNING sent to you and still the website continuoes to be intensive usage then we will SUSPEND the website and wait for 1 week and after that if you did not consider in this or contact us your site will be TERMINATED and all data will be lost and NO REFUNDS will be possible.

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