Refund Policy


Our Refund Policy is where and how much refunds will be issued for cancellation of your services...

1.You will get a REFUND if you are Not Satisfied with the product within 3 Days of payment which should have an unresolved Technical Support Ticket which is genuine , related and within the package specifications of the hosting

2.You can get a Refund of Remaining Months with a 10% Service Charge of the Total Value within 45 Days of payment.

3.No refunds will be provided after 45 Days of Payment.

4.Refund on any Illegal Activites violating TOS and FUP will not be provided.

5.If a Domain is offered Free of Charge then the Refund is only eleigible for within 3 Days of purchase (even registered later) and also a fee for Domain is deducted for refunds within 3 days.

6. All Refunds are applicable for $0.50 PayPal Processing Fees , Which will be deducted from your Total Eligible Refund.

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