Setting Up Private Name Servers

To Setup Private Name Servers which is included FREE with all the Reseller, Master Reseller and Alpha Reseller Hosting plans.

1. Create Child Nameservers

You will need to create Child Nameservers for your Domain Name through your Domain Registrar. The Child Nameservers should be like shown below.
ns1.<yourdomain>.com - (IP)
ns2.<yourdomain>.com - (IP)

If you already have a domain with us or if you have ordered with a FREE Domain included, you just need to Open a ticket and we will create them for you.

2. Set A Records in DNS

If you have no option called Child Name Servers you may find it in any other related names. Unless you will need to do the below.
* Login to your cPanel Account
* Go to Simple DNS Record Editor
* Add Host Name as ns1, ns2 one by one.
* For ns1 enter IP
* For ns2 enter IP

If you have a Domain with us or ordered a plan with FREE Domain included in it we can do this for you as well, For this you will need to simply Open a Ticket.

After completing any of the above steps you will be able to provide your OWN Branded Private Name Servers to your clients, So it will be Fully White Labeled.

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