Creating Reseller and Master Reseller Accounts

1. Create a Account in WHM

You will need to Login to your WHM Account then click the Create a Account option. You will need to enter the details needed to Create a New Account then you once you click on Create button the Shared Hosting (cPanel) Account will be created.

You will need to follow the next step to upgrade the Normal Shared Hosting (cPanel) Account as Reseller or Master Reseller Account.

2. Upgrade Account through Zamfoo

You will need to click on the correct Zamfoo Plugin (This depends on Master Reseller or Alpha Reseller). If you have purchased a Master Reseller you need to click the Zamfoo Master Reseller option and if you have purchased a Alpha Reseller you will need to click the Zamfoo Alpha Reseller option.

Then in that panel you need to click on Upgrade/Downgrade option and then select the account, You may use the Search Account option as well which is also available under it. Then you need to click to which type you wish to upgrade the account.

To Upgrade as Reseller then you need to click the type as "WHM" and if you wish to upgrade the account as Master Reseller you need to click the "Master" as type. Then click the "I agree" checkbox and the account will be upgraded.

Note :- For Reseller Customers you will not need to use the Zamfoo feature as Reseller Hosting allows you to create Shared (cPanel) Accounts only.

You can use the above methods and easily Upgrade your Customers accounts, You can also use the WHMCS Auto Grant Feature so if you use WHMCS Billing System then when you select a package in that and the type of account the account should be upgraded when the Package is given to a account, then it will help you to make this process Automatic with WHMCS System.

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